Athos Cars



The committal to quality begins with our unique tubular chassis and continues through every step of production. Instead of following the line of economy and practicality of adopting the original VW chassis-platform, we decided to develop our own tubular chassis (using Catia software), improved over a year and a half through of dynamic tests on racetracks, roads and on the Pirelli test track. Constructed from 3-inch diameter and 3 mm thick tubes, we have achieved a perfect balance between lightness and robustness. The uniformity of each piece is guaranteed by precise laser cuts and CNC (Computer Numerical Command) bends, with the joints between the tubes performed using MIG welding.


Bodies molded in fiberglass-reinforced plastic have already proven their advantages in several projects in the automotive industry, including successful sports cars such as the Chevrolet Corvette. Chamonix has developed its own technology within the Hand Laid Up concept for the construction of its bodies, in which it manually removes all air bubbles during the lamination process, resulting not only in more uniform materials, but in a mainly more durable and non-susceptible to deformations or cracks over the years.


After being prepared, the bodies go to the process of painting with PU paint in the shade desired by the customer. In all, each piece receives ten coats of primer, paint and varnish.


Every Chamonix model rolls off the production line with new mechanical and electrical parts. For this, we rely on the best companies' supply in the sector in Brazil and abroad. And we


Seats modeled with injected foam and covered in genuine leather. Floors covered with exquisite 6 mm thick carpets… Our models use the best materials in the upholstery of the cabin and convertible tops. Handcrafted work by highly qualified professionals.


We have our own tooling sector capable of developing the most varied instruments and jigs necessary for production, as well as finishing components, such as the aluminum grilles that make up the rear hood of our models.