Athos Cars


The trajectory of Chamonix has its roots in the 1960s in the figure of Milton Masteguin, one of the founders of the legendary Puma Indústria de Veículos, which over almost three decades made history as the main manufacturer of coachbuilts sport models in Brazil , with a strong presence in the universe of race cars and a legion of fans in the national and international market. With the same passion and relentless pursuit of perfection, Milton and his son Newton Masteguin created Chamonix Indústria e Comércio in 1987. The mission: to give life to the most beautiful models within the Tribute Cars concept, recreating designs that have marked generations and that still remain as objects of desire among enthusiasts and collectors around the world. Installed in its own area of 50,000 m² and 2,700 m² of construction, Chamonix achieved not only the respect of the public and the specialized press with vehicles produced according to the highest quality standards, but also accumulated in all these years respectable numbers for a practically handmade production company. In almost four decades of activities, more than 2,500 units were built, a good part of which was exported to more than 23 different countries, including demanding markets such as the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Japan. More than fun, our cars are also excellent from an investment point of view, with high resale value in the used market. That, and the loyalty of many of our customers, is for us the main feedback that we are on the right track.