Athos Cars


Super 90 Cabriolet

A piece produced in search of maximum perfection. This is how the Chamonix Super 90 Cabriolet can be defined, a recreation of one of the most iconic designs of the 1960s. Its wealth of details has already won over fans and happy owners in the most demanding markets around the world. What’s more: the softness and torsion resistance of its tubular chassis, combined with the lightness of its body in plastic reinforced with fiberglass, make this Tribute Car an extremely fast, safe and pleasurable customized car to drive.
*Some of the items shown in the photos below are part of the optional list


Engine – 1.6 liters (two carburetors) 62 hp
– 1.9 liters (fuel injection) 115 hp
Body – Hand-laminated fiberglass with high durability
Gearbox – 4-speed mechanical transmission
Chassis – 3″ rouded tubes, 3 mm tick, epoxi paited, made by ATHOS
Suspension – Semi-independent suspension front and rear
Specifications – Wheel base: 2100 mm
– Ground Clearance: 170 mm
– Lenght: 3885 mm
– Width: 1660 mm
– Fuel tank capacity: 40 L
– Total weight: 680 kg
– Front Brake: Disc
– Rear Brake: Drums
– 15" Wheels
– Tires: Pirelli Cinturato radial
– Warranty: 1 year or 30,000 km (whichever comes first)
Standard Equipments – Leather upholstered seats with recliner
– convertible top
– 6 mm carpet
– 3 point seat belts
– painted wheels
– VW 0-km mechanics
Optional Items – For request with several options such as fog lights, leather straps, bumper claws, Nardi steering wheel, wooden buttons, main switch, sound preparation and much more